In today's world of conflicting priorities, rapidly changing perceptions and unsettling attempts to disqualify causes and consequences of important events, FAMA Collection is in a unique position to bridge the current gap between the need to preserve the integrity of facts and facilitate the knowledge transfer as a response to the 21st century risk society. To accomplish this task, we have developed “Knowledge Transfer Modules” to preserve memory, protect the culture of remembrance, and map out complex knowledge for contemporary learning. To capture one's attention, you need to be informative but to sustain their interest, one needs to inspire a quest for knowledge. We are confident that our KTMs will accomplish those goals over the years as we continue to focus on the events that have shaped the end of the 20th century: (1) The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1996; (2) Srebrenica Genocide 1995; and (3) The Dayton Peace Accords 1995.



Macro Story is a new form of knowledge transfer pioneered by FAMA to inform and inspire the audience about the Siege of Sarajevo phenomenon. This curated storytelling captures the individual citizens' resilience, innovation, and creativity in the context of a particular topic, using materials from the FAMA Collection - a rich archive of photographs, interviews, surveys and original FAMA projects from the period of the siege of Sarajevo.