December 1993

Zehra Salman
The organization ‘Our Children’

‘In those days just to hear the sound of a piano was something special. When we got the present of a piano we were very happy for the children and the people who worked with them could work better. It was all part of softening those daily traumas that they experienced the whole time. The piano helped. Children would make up improvised performances in the cramped space. They played it, their teachers played it and they formed a music section.’



• Peace negotiations in Geneva: negotiations on maps and percentages of territory. The BiH delegation requests: access to the sea, to the Sava and to a harbor.

• Yasushi Akashi appointed Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for the former Yugoslavia.

• UNICEF helps establish a radio-school. Classes are held over this medium.

• Rounds of humanitarian aid to the citizens of Sarajevo include: a liter of cooking oil, 300 grams of beans, 200 grams of sugar, 400 grams of mackarel, 200 grams of detergent, and 2 candles per household.

• “Opresa” opens a small store in the city with the slogan “Life is about the small things”.
• The Soros Foundation donates a piano to the organization “Nasa djeca”.

• Mate Boban, President of “Herzeg-Bosnia”, promises to close camps holding Muslims.

• Founding of counseling for psychological help: “Staying Sane in Bosnia”.

• The theft of electricity in the city goes on in different ways: setting up of illegal connections, underground cables, connecting to prioritized sources and transformers.
• The Soros Foundation finances the production of 10 tons of rat poison. The active toxin is “Sanofarm”, but because the poison is not registered by law it cannot be distributed.

• “Oslobodjenje” receives the “Sakharov” award. Zlatko Dizdarevic, journalist and editor, receives the award at the European Parliament.
• The fairytale “A Dragon in Love” is shown in one of the apartment blocks in Alipasino polje.

• The bobsled team trains for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, but do not know how to leave Sarajevo. They train every day, lift weights and run, depending on the shelling. On average they lose 5 kg of weight. The team must borrow a bobsled because theirs is burnt.

• The Russians reveal their own peace plan. Foreign Minister Vitali Churkin travels extensively in major European cities.

• Croatian President, Franjo Tudjman, and Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, present a plan on the division of BiH. 33.33% would go to the Muslims and 17.5% to the Croats. Lord Owen must convey this plan to the President of the Presidency of BiH, Alija Izetbegovic.

• The Sarajevo Tobacco Factory wraps cigarettes in book pages. “Toward the History of BiH Literature” is next in line”.

• In Sarajevo Cathedral a ceremonial Christmas concert is held.
• On the occasion of Catholic Christmas, the Pope sends a message: “Let light shine on upon the suffering peoples.”

• The city lacks electricity, water and salt for bread.

• The Festival “Sarajevo Winter” organizes screening of cartoons for children.
• A kitchen opened for people working in the public and culture sectors. UNPROFOR gives them food.

George Soros

Why should I do it? I wouldn't do it. „So, yes; I do take a moral view and I fight for what i believe is right against what I believe is wrong.“
If the latest agenda is to fight a moral crusade, it seems also to include proving that perhaps, as Henry Kissinger once wrote, history is fueled not by impersonal forces but by personalities.
In recent years, Soroš has cast himself as an international policy guru and a savior of nations. Having made his fortune, he now aims to shape history through the 89 offices, in 26 countries of his foundations and Open Society Funds.
The two worlds of George Soros occupy three floors of a mid-Manhattan office building. Below the 3rd floor trading room of the Quantum Fund are the offices of the Soros foundations, buzzing with news from Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bosnia...
How to promote democracy in the country?

(The New York Times Magazine, April 3, 1994)

Open Society Fond – Sarajevo

With our actions through humanitarian aid OSF BH were trying to relieve the suffering and help survival, while through culture, education and science, media and human rights programs it tried to contribute to general social revitalization and preserving of democratic initiatives. We are intending to basically continue with all our already established activities redefining and remodeling them where we found it needed. Maybe the biggest challenge for the open society movement at the moment is Bosnia and Herzegovina.
One point is the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-confessional centuries old milieu of Bosnia and Herzegovina in itself an ideal social context for the implementation of ideas of modern open society philosophy.
The war time is not the best time for democracy, but the challenge in that respect – is bigger. And in spite of this „rule“ democracy is something essentially needed for the surviving of the idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to promote democracy – OSF Program

- The Islamic faculty – project of publishing a collection of works
- Cultural Society „Napredak“ – printing their national calendar
- Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra – December concert
- „OKO“, Publishing House – publishing drama „Pad“ by Z. Hadžidedić
- Publisher „Večernje Novine“ – publishing „Avanture na 7.000 metara“ by M.Gafić
- Publisher „Moare“ – printing „Sociologija Religije“ by I.Cvitković
- The State Commission for Gathering the Facts on War Crimes – publishing bulletin
- „Bosanska Knjiga“, Publishing House – publishing books titled „Sarajevski tabut“ by A. Sidran, Istorija bolesti by T. Kulenović and „Smrt je majstor iz Srbije“ by M. Vesović
- „Svjetlost“, Publishing House – publishing “Majstori grafičkog umijeća“ by Dž.Hozo
- Sineast film Magazine – financing next issue of the magazine
- The National Theatre in Tuzla – publishing theatrical magazine with long tradition
- The Museum of Eastern Bosnia in Tuzla – buying conservation materials
- The Portrait Gallery in Tuzla – buying raw materials
- The Association of Architects DAAS BiH (WARchitecture Exhibition) – printing the catalogue „Urbicid“
- „Svjetlost“, Publishing House – buying off their war publishing program
- „Bosanska knjiga“, Publishing House – translation of Kur'an by prof. Enes Karić
- The Obala Gallery – exhibit „Witnesses of Existence“
- The International Theatre and Film Festival – project „Sarajevo reconstruction and resistance – DYSTOPIA“
- Writer Ivan Kordić – buying off 65 copies of his book “Laž, mržnja i zločin“
- The AIASN – science meeting by title „Contribution to the research of the musical heritage of BH”
- The gallery „Collegium Artisticum“ support their activities
- Painter Affan Ramić – support for his exhibition

- Exhibition of painter Edin Numankadić
- Project „Installations“ of WIG-WAG
- Exhibitions of posters entitled „Pozdrav iz Sarajeva“ – project of Collegium Artisticum
- Exhibition „Na moj 10 rođendan“ – project of Stella Media
- Workshop – project of First children embassy from Zenica

- Concert titled „Smrt i djevojka“ project of „String Quartet“ of Kamerni teatar
- Show of the group „Big Daddy“
- Contribution to the Research of the Musical heritage of BH – project AIASN
- Symphonic concert – project of Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra
- Personal support for Tina Kordić – piano

- Performance „Hamza Pogorelac“ – project of War Theatre Donji Vakuf
- Performance „Žućko“ – project of Dragomir Danilović,s group
- Performance „Circus“ – project of International Theatre and Film Festival Sarajevo
- Performance „Svileni bubnjevi 2“ – project of International Theatre and Film Festival Sarajevo

No project got support, because Mr. Ademir Kenović was absent from the beggining of the year. Therefore, applied projects could not be evaluated

PUBLISHING (literature)
- Collection of Works – project of Vijeće bošnjačkih intelektualaca
- Personal support for the writer Vesko Kadić for the project „Elementi filmskog – riječnika, izraza-pojmova

- „Povijest BH u doba Otomanske vladavine“ – purchase of 50 copies of the book and support for printing
- Project of MOST-ART

- Magazine „Slovo“ – project of Društvo pisaca BH – support for publishing of the
first two issues

- Photo exhibition „World Press Photo“– project of Gallery „Obala“
- Photo exhibition of pictures taken in Sarajevo and Mostar during the war
- Project of photographer Kemal Hadžić
- Equipment support for Srpsko kulturno društvo „Prosvjeta“

- NEWSPRINT: 200 tones, still in Ploče port
For more than seven months we haven't been able to bring it to Sarajevo.
- FM Radio Station „Studio 99“ in Sarajevo; transmitter
- RADIO BH; satellite receiving equipment; only half of it made it to Sarajevo.
- FM Radio Station „Vrhbosna“ (Sarajevo); still in Zagreb
- Desk top publishing studio for daily newspaper „Večernje novosti“ Sarajevo
- Photo lab for Sarajevo – still in Zagreb
- Video equipment for local TV station „TV FS“ in Tuzla; still in Zagreb
- PC configuration for Culture Magazine „Odjek“
- Technical equipment for video production house „Videopress“, partly accomplished
- Technical assistance for „Vrelo“ magazine in Tuzla; to be realised
- Transmitter for FM Radio Station „Stari grad“ to be realised