Importance and Application of FAMA Projects

Because of their influence, those who watch, observe, analyse and explain meaning to the masses are considered a kind of elite; however if this elite use faulty methodology or have impure intentions, it can lead to disastrous consequences. From the very beginning of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, we knew that documentation, of all types and forms, would play a vital role in the fate of current and future generations. In keeping with our own personal principles, our methods rely on fact, oral history and recorded documentation (documented documents). It is through our unique insight and gift of foresight that we have been able to develop a step by step methodology that 'makes the obvious visible'.

During creation of the FAMA study pack it became obvious that a User Guide was needed in order to provide a clear overview of its contents. The created user-friendly guide enables everyone (a librarian, a teacher, a trainer, a researcher) to find what they need, or to establish what is appropriate given the level of education, or a particular library section. The methodology has once again emerged from the material itself, and showed us the way. Perhaps it is important to underline here that any research material provides essential possibilities of knowledge transfer. All it takes is an open mind and a talent for connecting facts. We also believe that one should never apply methods proven successful, as they proved successful with different forms and contents and are not necessarily appropriate for all. Since the research subject is never the same (different circumstances, period, participants, causes and effects), we believe it's logical that each subject requires its own method. And we followed that principle.

International & Regional Community / Media / Academia Highlights on Importance and Application of FAMA Projects:

"…FAMA makes clear that it is a chronicle, a guide for survival, a part of a future archive which shows the city of Sarajevo not as a victim, but as a place of experiment where wit can still achieve victory over terror…"
Washington Post

"…NHK directed a program titled "People's Lives Under War As Seen Through FAMA's Sarajevo Survival Guide" as special series broadcasted in Japan, Asia, France and Germany receiving incredible feedback…we praise FAMA's activities from bottom of our heart and hope that the next action with their profound intention will continue to inspire all of us…"
NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corporation

"…is just the age to be learning, from the unfolding Bosnian genocide, a very different lessons about the world's susceptibility to sincerity and logic…"FAMA" in Sarajevo seem somehow to know all about us and our fading illusions…The sting of their wit makes them more real – than reports of their suffering ever could…"
Washington Post

"…Survival Guide: looks like a bona-fide travel book … But the subject is Sarajevo, and what's inside is at first a puzzling and than a mock-serious and chilling matter-of-fact tour of one of the world's saddest cities…"
The New York Times

"…FAMA projects: are documents is of enormous value, deserving of wide distribution and promotion…The perspective they present are quite simply different from other documents of the war…By contrast they show a still vibrant culture. Its caustic, straight-faced humour and everyday factual information make Sarajevo and Bosnia more alive than can all the literacy essays put together…"
University of Colorado
Kenney Padraic, Professor East-European Studies

"…FAMA has rescued many facts and evidence from being forgotten and forever lost, they have diminished the elements for any future attempts to interpret the truth behind those 1395 days of siege, they have explained something that is unexplainable…On the Historical level it is a document, on a Cultural level it is an event of true value and on a Political level something very much important to look at and learn from…"
Svijet Magazine, Sarajevo - BiH

"…"hardware is destroyed but the software survives"…FAMA continues its work within the ruined infrastructure while using its creativity, hope, resiliency and will to endure …"
Chicago Tribune

"…We have been touched and inspired by FAMA projects…in making an exhibition which looks into the modern city of the last 150 years and into ideas which developed in connection to its dynamic forces that will extend the knowledge of your work in Denmark and Europe…"
Copenhagen – Cultural Capital of Europe

"…War or no War…Get a Life…FAMA recently published a single-issue LIFE magazine profiling survivors of the war. When Art imitates Life"…FAMA has decided to honour the spirit of the war-torn city by publishing a one-time magazine profiling residents who have survived the siege…"

"…FAMA, a media agency from Sarajevo, in the pre-war period, was active in producing TV program that has faced up the politicians with their politics in an effort to bring out the true nature of the events, explain them to the audience and have a profound positive effect on their future development through TV media, and prevent the worse from happening. That was the Art of Living…"
Vreme Magazine, Belgrade - Serbia

"…FAMA projects and work evoke some very simple but essential issues for the existence of the human-being to be reconsidered by the people anywhere in the world. It has made our visitors involved in the imaginable (but always realistic) situation of survival by themselves…"…"
Tokyo EXPO 96' - Tokyo Metropolitan Government

"… FAMA LIFE Magazine features photographs and interviews with scores of artists and intellectuals who lived and worked in Sarajevo during the city's 41-month long siege…an artefact of the Bosnian war, a documentary of the siege…its voice is pure Sarajevo!…"

"…Time International (1994) featuring its cover story using FAMA Photo archives from Sarajevo Survival Guide…"
Time International

"…Survival Guide is some kind of camp-project…it is dignified and respectful to the blood being spilled on Sarajevo streets, but yet, it shows open suspicious in the dignity of those who consume that blood through the media… The main objective of FAMA "The Siege" project is to warn and remind the world that the story about this city does not fully correspond to those from the reports of other global media…"
Vijenac Magazine, Zagreb - Croatia

"…FAMA projects try to subvert Western fascination with the city as a film set for Mad Max 5, a hideous perforation of the damnation which will overwhelm our own cities if their tense multicultural orders break down any further…Yet this fascination with Sarajevo as metaphor went along with ever more complete disengagement with its actual fate…"
The New York Book of Review

"…FAMA, in its International Cultural Newsletter has documented Sarajevo that has been denied the rights to civic, existential and social rights…by using the right to survive and the right for culture as defiance and means to continue its mission…"
Monitor, Podgorica - Montenegro

"…FAMA projects should be read not only by scholars of the region and humanitarian workers deployed to the Balkans, but by everyone…FAMA deserves full international support for its courageous efforts to keep the spirit of multicultural Sarajevo alive…"
The University of Michigan

"…FAMA juxtapose the blithely upbeat tone of a Michelin guide with the cruel realities of life under siege… Survival Guide mimics the format of a straightforward Michelin's guide while serving as a grimly humorous archive of life in wartime…"
Los Angeles Times

"…FAMA integrates hopes for peace among the Sarajevans, representing it to the rest of the world and expressing it on the cultural level…My students at Tokyo University received a very important message…FAMA has left a strong impression on them…I believe that FAMA activities will be remembered as a historical monument to the future…"
Tokyo University
Isao Koshimura, Doctor of Social Studies

"…Topography of Life and Death – Survival Map is much more than a typical geographical map of Sarajevo. It is a document that will explain the tragedy of a city during the siege in a much more truthful and convincing manner than any other story could. It represents the history that nobody can manipulate with again…"
Svijet Magazine, Sarajevo - BiH

"…Dear President Clinton,…The International Freedom to Publish Committee of the Association of American Publishers met today with Suada Kapic, Director of FAMA International, to discuss Sarajevo Survival Guide – a satiric "guidebook" to coping under the conditions of war…inspired by FAMA projects and initiatives…we urge you to assume a position of leadership…as too much time has passed and too little has been done. We urge you to act at once…"
American Association of Publishers
International Freedom to Publish Committee

"…Suada Kapic the driving force behind FAMA, has the kind of track record which inspires confidence and can be relied upon to see the project to fruition…as high quality and original local production could help restore trust between peoples and contribute to the reintegration of the country…"
ICG – International Crisis Group

"…Sarajevo Survival Map printed in original format as central feature of the issue – an homage to life in Sarajevo during the Siege…"
GenteViaggi Magazine

"…Survival Guide; a guide through Life and Death is the most important and most efficient book ever created in Sarajevo, until now…"
Vreme Magazine, Belgrade – Serbia

"…FAMA projects prove that software can survive even though the hardware is destroyed … mirroring the seemingly contradictory mix of fatalism and fierce determination to stay and continue work in Sarajevo…"
Journal Constitution

"…another project from that front lays out the harsh conditions with a grim sense of humour "Sarajevo survival Guide" mimics the format and straightforward style of a guidebook while serving as an archive of life in wartime…"

"…Survival Guide is a chronicle, a part of a future archive…"
Tokyo City Guide