• FAMA International
      has been operating in Sarajevo since 1990. It is a striving force behind the FAMA Collection which is considered to be the largest independent Collection of multi-media projects pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) and related events in reference to the Fall of Yugoslavia (1991-1999) in the world. Over the years, the collection has grown amidst impossible conditions (the siege and post-war transition), in variety of pioneering concepts, topics and international acknowledgements. In addition to its scale, historical-educational importance and mapping approach to 'documented documents', historiography and collective memory, the Collection itself projects a new approach as to how facts and evidence can be documented, and causes and consequences of the events mapped-out in a genre that is accessible to a wide-spectrum audience.


      Founder and Director of FAMA International
      Author of the Original FAMA Projects and FAMA Archives

      Suada Kapic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Upon completing her first BA degree at the University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Philosophy, she moved to Belgrade to complete her second BA degree in Theater and Film Directing at Faculty of Performing Arts.

      With the fall of communism across East and South-East Europe she moves away from her distinguished career as a Film/TV/Theatre Director into the media world. In 1990, she founded FAMA, an independent multi-media company – a first of its kind in the former Yugoslavia. In the process she became an opinion leader whose objective was to advance new approach to defining politics in the media. As such, she was able to launch a new (fully profitable and uncensored) media concept often referred to as a political entertainment. The 'Art of Living' was one of the most watched TV programmes across the country, as it tackled the most pressing contemporary issues in unconventional and highly creative manner, whilst positioning itself as credible source of information – a rare mix during those turbulent days.

      Her intention to transform FAMA into CNN of South-East Europe was obstructed by the war in the former Yugoslavia which forever changed her personal and professional outlook on life. In April of 1992, Suada escapes her home in Grbavica (Sarajevo district occupied by the Bosnian Serb forces), becoming a refugee in her own city. In the midst of total destruction and collapse of basic societal elements, she made a personal decision to remain in the besieged city, and launched 'Science of Survival' mechanism as means of defying terror through creation, invention, culture, arts and humanism. She was observing the Siege of Sarajevo (the longest in the modern history) as a study of human nature, the mechanism of terror and human ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances through mechanism of survival. This was a stepping stone to her dedication to the cause, as she proceeded to document facts and evidence of change in the city through series of internationally acclaimed projects and initiatives.

      Between 1992 and 1996, Suada launched projects such as 'Sarajevo Survival Guide' and 'Survival Map 92-96' in the besieged city, determined to publish and present them internationally. She smuggled the preparation for print through secret underground tunnel and attended meetings and presentations from New York to Tokyo.

      From 1997 she diligently works on one of the most comprehensive projects: Oral and Visual History of the former Yugoslavia for the period between 1991 and 1999. FAMA Collection (Archives) and related individual projects are considered the largest and most comprehensive independent source of information pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo ('92-'96) and the Fall of Yugoslavia ('91-'99). FAMA Educational Pack 'The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1996' has been promoted and distributed in Serbia since 2005. Most recently she authored 'Srebrenica Mapping Genocide' (a documentary animation project) in partnership with Youth Initiative for Human Rights in BH (producer of the project). The Project is widely presented as educational initiative in Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

      Suada was actively involved in promotion and presentation of individual projects and the concept of 'Science of Survival' across the world – from New York to Tokyo. Her projects adorn walls and shelves of some of the most prominent international institutions, from the US Holocaust memorial Museum, to UN War Crimes Tribunal, Pentagon, Library of Congress, UNESCO, Tokyo Big Site and similar.

      A thinker, an author and a doer, Suada Kapić faced the greatest challenges imaginable, and working in impossible circumstances succeeded to generate internationally acclaimed projects and to secure their implementation. Her company has been active for 21 years in one of the most complex and dangerous regions in the world. Her work that begun back in 1992, is now completed and FAMA Projects and Archives will be transferred into virtual domain via FAMA COLLECTION – a virtual bank of knowledge for the future generations. At this stage, Suada moves back into her original multi-media realm and will be focusing on regional and global issues that require collective solutions by engaging with regional/global audience.
    • MESS
      the International Theatre Festival (MESS) is the oldest theatre festival in the Balkans and has been held since the 1960s. The event attracts various international theatre groups as well as some of the most prestigious names of world theatre. For almost two weeks each October, the festival becomes a venue for world artists to exhibit their art forms and have the opportunity to work with other artists in order to explore and nourish artistic creation. By gathering these artists together and sharing their talents with Sarajevo's community of arts patrons, the festival feels it is making a contribution to the city's and regional evolution. Since its establishment, throughout the days of siege and until today, MESS has remained a cultural and a historical phenomenon. The most important goal of the festival is to promote and advance the cultural particularity of the region, which includes openness to different ideas, views and artists from East and West, North and South. Affirming these aims, Festival opened new programmes, such as Festival premiers, World MESS, Mittel Europe MESS, MESS for kids, MESS workshops, and Memory Module.


      Director of MESS

      Dino Mustafić was born on July 6th 1969 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed both his BA degrees at Sarajevo University: the Academy of Performing Arts and Faculty of Philosophy, Department for Comparative Literature and Librarianship.

      He has directed different TV genres, documentary movies, reportages, and several musical and educational TV shows, as well as TV commercial video clips. Some of his most important works include documentaries "Runaway of life" – 1993; "Let there be light" – 1994; "Miracle in Bosnia" – 1995 and a short movie "724" – 1998. They were presented at international film festivals in Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Montreal, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Prague and Rotterdam.

      His first feature film "Remake" (script by Zlatko Topčić) was presented at numerous film festivals in the world; its world premiere was at Rotterdam International Film Festival in January 2003.

      His theatre direction includes: Sartre ("Wall", "Dirty Hands"), Ionesco ("Rhinoceros", "King is dying") Mrožek ("On foot", "Policemen"), Moliere ("Tartuffe"), Serrau ("Family"), Coltes ("Roberto Zucco"), Shakespeare ("Macbeth"), Thornton Wilder ("The Skin of our Teeth"), Werner Schwab ("Presidents"), Boychev ("Collonel Bird", "The Underground Man", "The Titanic Orchestra"), Herb Gardner ("I am not Rappaport"), Ingmar Vilquist ("Helver's night"), Dea Loher ("Adam Geist"), Nick Wood ("Warrior Square"), Glowacki ("The Fourth Sister"), Ariel Dorfman / Tony Kushner ("Widows"), Thomas Bernhard ("Before Retirement"), Robert Lepage / Marie Brassard ("Polygraph"), Lutz Hübner ("Creeps"), Jon Fosse ("The Night is Singing it's Songs"), Brothers Presnjakov ("V vlogi žrtve"), E. Albee ("The Goat: or, Who Is Sylvia?" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"), R.Kalinoski ("Beast on the Moon"), P.Sala ("Mortal Combine") .

      "Cavalaria Rusticana" he directed was premiered at International festival "Sarajevo Winter"; as well as "Europa", an operetta by Nigel Osborne. The theater plays he directed have been performed in all major theater centers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Slovenia and Croatia; festivals in Germany (Mullheim), Egypt (Cairo), Italy (Rome).

      For six years he worked as a teaching assistant at the Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy. He currently works as a Teaching Assistant at the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo, and the Academy of Performing Arts Tuzla, teaching courses of Acting and Theory of Directing.

      He was Artistic director of Drama Department of the National Theater Sarajevo from January 2003 till December 2005.

      As the Director of the International Theater Festival MESS Sarajevo, together with his team, he organized 12 International Theater Festivals.
    • Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina (OGBIH)
      for almost 15 years, the Association "Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina" has been helping children of victims of the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as disabled and talented children, to successfully complete eir schooling and become productive members of society. In pursuing our mission Children of war victims – our permanent concern, OGBiH have kept wide open the door of the house at Dobojska street 4 for all ose in need of moral and material support. anks to the work of one staff member and dozens of volunteers, OGBiH had allocated more an 28,000 scholarships and distributed school materials, cloes, shoes, food, ceramic boards, computers and oer teaching aids to young people in need.


      Founder & Executive Director – OGBIH

      Born: 11.03.1937 in Belgrade
      Nationality: Bosnian
      Position: Executive Director (1994-2011)


      1980-1982 School of National Defence, Belgrade. (Škola narodne odbrane)
      1969-1971 Command and General Staff Academy Belgrade
      1964-1965 Command and General Staff Academy Paris
      1963-1964 School of Languages (French)
      1956-1959 Army Military Academy, Belgrade
      1950-1956 High school, Zrenjanin

      Professional experience:

      1992-1997 Headquarters ARBiH
      1984-1997 B&H TD Command
      1966-1984 Military Education
      1959-1966 Military Command

      Other Experience:

      2004 Member of the NGOs reference group Management Board, Sarajevo
      1998 Member of the Association of Independent Intellectuals – Circle 99, Sarajevo
      1997 Member of Helsinki Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
      1996-1997 Committee Member of the Faculty of Physical Education Sarajevo
      1992-1995 President of the Shooting Association of RBiH, Sarajevo
      1992-1994 Member of the Executive Committee of the Basketball Association of RBiH

      Activities in NGO and civil society Sector:

      2007 Sarajevo: Conference "Civil society in social inclusion"
      2007 Sarajevo: Conference on active citizenship in the Balkans
      2007 Sarajevo: round table "Regional Cooperation for Development and European Integration"
      2005 Sarajevo: Forum "Improving educational standards in schools"
      2005 Sarajevo : "The Seven Educational Forum" Conference organized by OSCE, OHR, UNICEF
      2005 Sarajevo: "Towards a sustainable future-partnership, participation and involvement. Workshop organized by UMCOR Bosnia and Herzegovina
      2004 Sarajevo: Conference on "Bosnia and Herzegovina on the road to functional State: visions, perspectives, and concepts"
      2004 Sarajevo: "Towards a sustainable future-partnership, participation and involvement. Workshop organized by UMCOR Bosnia and Herzegovina
      2004 Sarajevo: Conference of NGOs B&H organized by the Centre for Promotion of Civil Society
      2004 Sarajevo: "Children's rights and strategy development in B&H." Round table organized by Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina
      2002-2005 Sarajevo: "Education for Culture of Peace." 1 (to 7) International conference organized by "Sarajevska Tribina", Sarajevo,
      2002 Sarajevo: Seminar "Active Citizenship": Sarajevo – a Healthy City, a project by Sarajevo City Council
      2001 Sarajevo: "Development NGOs stabilization programs and leadership." Workshop organized by USAID DM/NET
      2001 Sarajevo: Round table "Characteristics of the war in Bosnia"
      Sarajevo 2000: Symposium on the B&H schools curricula. Organized by UNESCO, OHR, UN Sarajevo
      2000 Sarajevo: "Sustainability of NGOs". Training organized by USAID DEM / NET
      2000 Dubrovnik: "The uniqueness of a successful NGO." Workshop organized by USAID DM / NET
      1997 Sarajevo: "Strategic planning of teacher's education in BiH". Conference organized by European Commission and OSCE
      1994 Sarajevo: Constituent Assembly of NGO Foundation / Association "Education Builds BiH"

      Participation in international conferences:

      a) in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
      2008-2010 Sarajevo: participation in various conferences on education
      2008 Sarajevo: "Peace Activism"
      2007 Sarajevo: "Future of Education in BiH in 2007"
      2005 Sarajevo: "Integration of EUFOR"
      2005 Sarajevo: "Poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ten years after Dayton Peace Agreement". Organized by Caritas.
      2005 Sarajevo: "Dialogue and partnership development as a lever of Bosnia and Herzegovina". Organized by Confrontations Europe, Association of Sarajevo, Sarajevo FIPA.
      2005 Sarajevo: "Genocide against Bosniaks of the UN safe area of Srebrenica in July 1995." Organized by the Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and for International Law.
      2004 Sarajevo: "Children's Rights – Practice and Strategies in BiH"
      2004 Sarajevo: "Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to functional state: vision, perspectives and concepts." Organized by OHR and OSCE.
      2004 Sarajevo: "Status of volunteer work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and existing legal barriers to its further promotion and development." Organized by Centre for Promotion of Civil Society, Sarajevo.
      2004 Sarajevo: "To Europe through Conscientious Objection and Civil Service"
      2003 Sarajevo: "The Spanish transition to democracy." Organized by the Embassy of Spain in B&H.
      2002 Sarajevo: "Development of new policies of the international community – lessons (not) learned" Organized by Soros Foundation
      2001 Sarajevo: "Child victims of war and peace." Organized by "Research Centre for War Crimes, Sarajevo"
      1999 Sarajevo: "Divided Cities" - (Beirut, Belfast, Berlin, Jerusalem, Nicosia, Sarajevo)
      1998 Sarajevo: "Victimhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the mitigation of its consequences," organized by Victimology Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
      1998 Sarajevo: the NATO Information Seminar
      1998 Sarajevo: "Bosnian Paradigm". Organized by Forum Bosnia, Sarajevo

      b) abroad:
      2008-2010 Participated in various conferences on education
      2007 Peace Camp, Barcelona
      2007 Touluse, France: 3rd World You Forum
      2007 Offenbach – Frankfurt am Main: Week of Culture – Bosnia on the path to the future
      2006 Rome, Italy: "Healing the War"
      2006 Torino, Italy: "Spirituality, question of God, question man"
      2005 Geneva: "B&H ten years after Dayton and on." Organized by Association "2005 Dayton Peace Agreement," Switzerland
      2004 Brussels: "Humanitarians: War Heroes or War Victims." Organized by of the ICRC
      2000 Brussels, Belgium: "Dissolution of Yugoslavia, 1991 to 1995."
      2000 Texas, Austin, USA. "Democratic changes in ex Yugoslavia"
      2003 Albertville, France: "Reconciliation and Reconstruction"
      1999 Budapest, Hungary: "The wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina". Presentation: "Characteristics of the B&H war"
      1999 Graz, Austria: "The European experience and the development of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina". Presentation: "National Myths in B&H"
      1999 Barcelona, Spain: "European Cities for Human Rights"
      1998 Barcelona: "Cities for Human Rights." Organised by City of Barcelona
      1998 Nantes, France: "The meeting of art and history"
      1997 Graz: "The realization of human rights in BiH - Science and Practice," University of Graz Organiser
      1997 Barcelona, Spain: "Europe for Bosnia" (Europa per Bosnia). Authored and presented paper titled "Aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina" and "The future of BiH"
      1997 London, UK: "Reconciliation in Bosnia," organized by Association for Central and Eastern Europe
      1997 Crikvenica, Croatia: IV Summer School of Democracy
      1996 Copenhagen, Denmark: "The future of BiH". Organized by the Danish Institute for International Policy
      1996 London: Seminar: "Reconciliation in Bosnia." Organized by The Foundation for Civil Society New York and the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe.
      1996 Vienna, Austria: "The dialogue of peace" organized by the Austrian Government. Authored and presented paper titled "The chances of the Dayton Peace and the Future of Bosnia."
      1995 Bonn, Germany: "The International Congress for the documentation of the 1992-1995 genocide." Organized by The Society for Threatened Peoples, Federal Republic of Germany. Authored and presented paper titled "The role of the JNA in the aggression against BiH."


      2007 "Sarajevo, mon amour", published in Italian by Edizioni Infinito-Direzione editorials, Italy. Foreword by Paolo Rumiz.
      2004 "Sarajevo, mon amour", published in French by Entretin Florence La Bruyere; publisher Buchet-Chastel. Foreword by Bernard Henry Levy.
      2000 "The wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991-1995." Offprint Aggression Against B&H. Publisher: Dani, Jesenski and Tura 1999.

      Prizes and Awards:

      2011 SUBNOR Sarajevo Stari grad Municipality Award, with a present of Traditional Craft Guild; 2011 The B&H Citizen of the Year awarded by the BH Organisations' Council of Australia
      2010 Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, B&H
      2009 Plaque of Stari Grad-Sarajevo, for contribution to development and functioning of the municipality
      2009 Order of Lafayette, France
      2008 Victor Gollancz Award, Berlin
      2008 Sarajevo Canton Plaque
      2007 Personality of the Year, the Charter of Kulin Ban awarded by the BH Association, Mannheim, Germany.
      2007 Takunda Award, the Person of the Year in the Balkans (RE tolerance and coexistence); awarded by the CESVI Association Bergamo, Italy,
      2006 Award by the Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de la Paix – Universal
      2005 6 April Awarded by the Sarajevo City Assambly
      2003 Honorary citizen of Abruzzo, Italy
      2003 Honorary citizen of Grenoble, France.
      2003 Honorary Citizen of Villerest, France
      2003 Honorary Citizen of Saumur, France
      2001 Honorary Citizen of Padua, Italy
      2001 City of Padua Plaque and cash award
      2001 Legion of Honour, France.
      2001 The city of Vicenza Award, Italy
      1999 Humanist of the Year; International League of Humanists, Sarajevo.
    • Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BH)
      train young people to critically think about the society and to get actively engaged in changing it. YIHR BH builds new links amongst young people within Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in terms of inclusion of divided communities and encouragement of Europeanization of the Western Balkans through regional cooperation of young people from different countries of the former Yugoslavia. The organisation supports and encourages young people of BiH to promote social and political action related to issues relevant to young people. Such promotion includes advancement of culture of remembrance of the 1992-1995 war, advocating for human rights protection, minority rights, and promotion of issues related to EU integration processes and democratisation of the Western Balkans region.


      Director of YIHR – BH


      Extensive knowledge about civil society development and democracy issues in the Balkan region, particularly in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.


      Organizational development, focusing on:
      Project design
      Project Proposal writing
      Project implementation, monitoring and evaluation
      Resource development
      Financial management
      Grant management
      Report writing
      Coalition building
      Governance and board development
      Training design and delivery
      Training and ToT:
      Organizational Development
      Project cycle design and management
      Strategic planning for NGOs
      Intermediate level skills in areas of:
      Transitional Justice
      CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
      HRM (Human Resource Management)


      January - April 2010:
      Senior Chevening Fellow, Conflict Prevention and Resolution Course,
      University of York, PRDU (Post-war Recovery and Development Unit) Department
      Research Placement at London School of Economics London, on issues related to Transitional Justice, Dealing with the Past
      Visiting speaker at London School of Economics London to
      MA students on Transitional Justice issues and REKOM Initiative

      March 2004:
      BA in Business Management and Administration, Trinity College and University, part of the educational division of the UIC, incorporated in Dover, Delaware

      2007 – Supporting REKOM Coalition
      2000 – 2005 Member of Executive Board of Commission for Truth and Reconciliation in BiH – Initiative for establishing of the NGO that will address the issue of truth and reconciliation in BiH
      1998 - 2006 Board Member of BOSPO Tuzla – One of the most developed and leading NGO in BiH


      December 2008 – present:
      Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) – Head of Office YIHR BH:
      Managing the work and activities of the YIHR BH
      Executing the decisions of the YIHR BH' Board
      Making decisions necessary for the regular work of the YIHR BH
      Present and represent YIHR BH
      Engaging employees and associates in accordance with systematization of work places
      Suggests to the Board strategic plan of the Organization
      Submits to the Board reports on YIHR BH's work, financial ands program plans
      Maintains contacts with the donors and do the fundraising for the organization
      Cooperates with other organizations and institutions
      Conducts all other jobs and activities necessary for the work of the YIHR BH

      April 2005 – December 2008:
      South East Europe (SEE) Program Regional Coordinator:
      Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Neighbourhood Programme – administrated from Royal Danish Embassy Sarajevo, BiH
      January 2001 – April 2005:
      Civil Society Initiatives (CSI) Regional Coordinator
      ICMP/MPI (International Commission on Missing Persons/Missing Persons Institute), Sarajevo, BiH
      June 2000 – January 2001:
      Family Development Field Officer.
      ICMP/MPI (International Commission on Missing Persons/Missing Persons Institute), Sarajevo, BiH
      May 1998 – December 2003:
      Consultant and Country Representative.
      SKIP (Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi), Trogen, Switzerland
      May 2001:
      Consultant and program adviser,
      Counterpart International, Washington D.C.
      December 2000 – January 2001
      Consultant and program adviser, Mercy Corps International/Counterpart International, Washington D.C.
      Consultancy services and assistance in designing project proposal for USAID's DemNet II program in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      October 1998 – May 2000:
      Consultant Field Coordinator Trainer, and Grants Manager, Freedom House Regional Office, Budapest, Hungary
      Design and implementation of regional conferences and training seminars for the Associations of Missing Persons from Croatia, FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
      Sector Coordinator, NGO Development Project
      Oversight and management of the NGO and Community Development Project (NGODP) of the International Rescue Committee, (IRC), New York, USA, (BiH program)
      Program Coordinator, NGO Development Project, IRC
      Program Manager, IRC/USAID Umbrella Grant for Trauma and Reunification
      Program Officer, IRC/USAID Umbrella Grant for Trauma and Reunification
      Warehouse Manager, IRC
      Coordination and communication liaison for IRC warehouses all over Bosnia Herzegovina