The Siege of Sarajevo Museum
- The Art of Living 1992 – 1996 (FAMA Collection)

Looking at Life, Looking at the World, bearing witness to important events, watching things hidden, things that will become important, observing and recording voices and faces of our time, watching and wondering, watching and Learning.

The Siege of Sarajevo Museum – The Art of Living 1992-1996 project is launching a new way of interacting and learning about the phenomenon of the Siege of Sarajevo by focusing on the Mechanism of Survival vs. Mechanism of Terror.

The Museum will be a unique depository of human knowledge – where human ingenuity, creativity and intelligence were captured amidst the urban post-cataclysmic realm. It is a heritage snap-shot of faces and voices that have shaped the longest siege in the modern history of mankind.

The objective is to bring the story of the Siege in juxtaposition with contemporary events, obstacles, fears and aspirations by mapping-out the facts, evidences, causes and consequences as educational reflections for 21st century.
As uncertainties of 21st century risk society spread, we are confronted with difficult questions and choices, and very few answers and options. When looking from this perspective, the experience of Sarajevo Siege highlights capacity of human mind, body and soul to respond and to survive a major urban cataclysmic event and defy terror. Suddenly, terms like art of living, recycling, adaptation to change, freedom from fear are high on the global agenda. Given that Sarajevans tried and tested them some 20 years ago, the Museum's unique collection offers a bridge between fear and hope, showing many tales about how opportunities can arise from uncertainty. The objective is to:

Inform – Educate – Inspire diverse regional and global audience by establishing a world-class institution which will become a monument to Art of Living – Human Ingenuity – Creativity through its unique collection and a new form of education;

Preserve and protect the integrity of the Siege of Sarajevo '92-'96 events as a lesson for 21st century;

Contribute to regional truth and reconciliation process by positioning the Museum as an educational role-model and a contextual hub for exchange of people and ideas;
Project is structured around Five Key-Pillars:

1. Introduction: providing visitors/users with histographic and contextual background to the phenomenon of the Siege

2. Experience: permanent collection & displays --central core for educational interaction with 60 thematic units and the Siege matrix

3. Knowledge: providing environment and resources for in-depth research, preservation of artefacts & memories; digitisation of new content; whilst housing the UN-ICTY archives pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo

4. Sustainability: services and social enterprise model set to provide logistical, management & financial support for the Museum activities

5. Network: maximising outreach and impact on regional and international levels
Project was launched and is being managed by the Consortium of four organisations as an independent and not-for-profit initiative: FAMA International, MESS, Education Builds BiH, and Youth Initiative for Human Rights in BH.

City of Sarajevo is the official patron of the project

Municipality Centar - Sarajevo is a main partner who donated a site for the Museum in a superb - Center of the city location
Note: The Museum once open, will continue to exist as an independent institution governed by the Board of Trustees and advised by the members of the City and Academia networks and Curator Fellowship.
Key Individuals:

Suada Kapic - Consortium Member (FAMA); Author of 'The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1996 Museum'; FAMA Collection Donor

Dino Mustafic - Consortium Member (MESS); Director of the Project -- 'The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1996 Museum'; Director of MESS

Jovan Divjak - Consortium Member (OGBiH); Founder and Director of Education Builds BiH

Alma Masic - Consortium Member (YIHR BH); Director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miran Norderland - FAMA Collection Donor; Author of Virtual FAMA Collection