Historical circumstances (the war in former Yugoslavia 1991-1999, and the siege of Sarajevo in particular) determined the issues we were to deal with. In 1991 we actually entered a world which history, literature and art have dealt with for centuries. We remained there until 2011 during which time we recognized some hitherto unknown, but very important survival trends which today, in 21st century, emerge as a vital interest. It took exactly 20 years for us to close this cycle.

We followed the proceses that led to the war, and we followed the four years long destruction of a European city at the end of 20th century, we followed the disappearance of a civilization and the establishment of a new one. We followed the trends of world politics, the mechanisms of humanitarian assistance, the role of international media which contributed to the final lifting of the siege by covering it day after day ... We saw how creativity helped people to resist the terror, and understood how powerful an open mind can be. We realised the power of human nature, and closely followed societal changes in a besieged city. And we gradually created a Bank of knowledge. We finalized a great number of Little Big projects and invented a method of funding that, amidst the war and in postwar period, enabled us to preserve independence and ensure credibility of our projects in front of future generations. We decided to remain anonymous rather than wrongly used.

Today, in a time of great global changes, of general instability and disturbed values, when the planet is ruled by the fear of the Other, the recession and climate change that can trigger mega-disasters, the FAMA Bank of Knowledge proves that an open mind and a power of human nature, if cleverly used and devoid of prejudice, can achieve the art of living even after all things known disappear, and maintain the basic human values despite extreme limitations.

Because of their influence, those who watch, observe, analyse and explain meaning to the masses are considered a kind of elite; however if this elite use faulty methodology or have impure intentions, it can lead to disastrous consequences. We, the founders of FAMA, the first independent multi-media company in the former Yugoslavia, were fully aware of the sensitivity of the area in which we chose to invest. From the very beginning of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, we knew that documentation, of all types and forms, would play a vital role in the fate of current and future generations. In keeping with our own personal principles, our methods rely on fact, oral history and recorded documentation (documented documents). It is through our unique insight and gift of foresight that we have been able to develop a step by step methodology that 'makes the obvious visible'.

Phase 1: Gaining insight.
This involves watching events attentively with an open mind as an observer rather than a participant, in order to note significant elements of the observed phenomenon; then putting these elements together to identify early signs of any emerging dominant trends that might launch a new process of cause and effect.

Phase 2: Continuing research through oral history.
Those who participated in an observed event talk about their own experience of it, without commenting on other participants. These elements are recorded in photo/video format.

Phase 3: Structuring the research.
Putting first hand facts and documented documents of a particular event, period or phenomenon into a structure that transfers this knowledge in a form acceptable to an audience, devoid of any indicators that would point to a conclusion. Readers, viewers, students, researchers draw their own conclusions on the basis of the given format.

Phase 4: Converting the structure.
This phase involves producing a format suitable for mass production (maps, albums, films, encyclopedias).

Phase 5: Creating a study pack.
We have created an educational pack consisting of different sections that can be used for different levels of education, as our unique contribution to the interpretation of the period 1991-1999.